Global Distributed Computing Platform CUDOS  announces winners of its Hack-a-nauts Hackathon

Top 3 teams MySpace, Debook, Digital Verse presented their Web3.0 projects to the judges panel of CUDOS Hack-a-nauts hackathon launched in partnership with Lumos Labs in order to receive prizes from  $50,000.

After several months of active participation from over 1000 registrations, Cudos Hack-a-nauts, a Hackathon launched by CUDOS network – a next-generation decentralized cloud platform, in partnership with  Lumos Labs –  leading experts in running blockchain-based open innovation programmes in India, announced its top 3 solutions that stand to win grants from a pool of  $50,000.

Cudos Hack-a-nauts was launched to introduce developers to Cudos’ robust computing infrastructure enabling them to innovate decentralized solutions built  on the Cudos network.  The hackathon saw various Web3 ideas across different tracks such as Gaming, NFTs, Distributed Computing platforms, and DeFi,  with the potential to provide users with solutions to the real world complications.

The final demo day of the Hackathon saw 3 ingenious teams pitching their unique Web3.0 solutions LIVE. The top 3 projects were ranked in the respective order-

  • MySpace3.0:  A Metaverse NFT-based personalized space creation platform
  • Debook:  A decentralized ticketing platform on the CUDOS blockchain. 
  • Digital Verse Solution: An NFT marketplace of digital faces with Cudos platform for AI video generation.

“The amount of participation and the solutions these teams presented during the Cudos Hack-a-nauts hackathon have given us insight into the Indian developer ecosystem. This hackathon has made us even more determined towards exploring this developer pool further and we hope to do it soon. I hope that the projects selected continue to work on their solutions and strive for providing more robust and effective solutions to the ecosystem.” – Matt Hawkins, CEO and Founder, CUDOS 

“With the CUDOS Hack-a-nauts hackathon, we challenged the developer community in India to build on a  unique platform. ‌Throughout the hackathon, we equipped them with the right knowledge, resources, ongoing support, and guidance to developers who are excited about creating decentralized smart devices. ‌Hopefully, the winners of this Hackathon will scale up further and optimize various ‌sectors. ‌ Organizing more such innovative learning experiences for the vast Indian developer pool and helping them develop more visionary ideas into robust solutions is a goal we look forward to.” said Kaavya Prasad, Co-founder, Lumos Labs. 

CUDOS is a layer two computation and oracle network that is focused on bridging the gap between blockchain and cloud computing. Its mission is to connect various blockchain developers and the decentralized sector to the global computing space in an environmentally sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Furthermore, in order to strengthen its community, Cudos also has an ambassador program, Cudos Ranger. Through this program, the various ambassadors will  be entitled to monetary benefits of up to $2000 monthly and other rewards, in addition to exclusive access to Ranger channels and more. There are various categories of rangers namely, Developer, Security, Social, Creative and Omni Ranger performing different functions and entitled to diverse incentives. For more information visit to their website CUDOS Rangers Program

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