Ensure wellbeing of your eyes with Nova Eyewear’s Safety Range

The ideal fusion of protection and aesthetics for your eyes

Nova Eyewear, the global eyewear brand from the house of Vision Rx Lab with a vision of protection and safety offers a wide range of protective eyewear. These are manufactured with cutting-edge materials and the highest-quality lens to help shield the eyes from infections and harmful elements.

In current scenario, it is extremely important that we look for the overall safety factor including our eyes. The eye is the most delicate organ which is susceptible to infections and other agents and we often forget about the care and protection it requires. Keeping in mind the current situation Nova Eyewear offered this safety range as a solution for the people to carry out their day to day activities with added protection. The collection comes with unique protective design for perfect coverage and lenses which have anti-fog coating to combat the vision challenges when paired with masks.

Nova Safety Range has launched two different categories, namely Nova Safety Goggles and Nova Safeguard.  While Nova Safety Goggles, powered with advanced lens technology in wide range of prescriptions, are mostly are designed for heavy chores and industrial purpose, Nova Safeguard comes in sleek trendy designs with UV protection and perfect coverage for all occasions. This product range, featuring high impact resistant lenses, perfectly covered design and fluid repellent material; make it an effective barrier to harmful agents for optimum eye protection.

Along with eye protection, the Nova Safeguard collection includes facemasks, which have layers of purification system for protection, and is carefully designed for all weather conditions keeping breathability and comfort in mind. This will allow wearers to step out in style with proper safety. 

Speaking on the collection, Pammi Jamalpuria, VP-Corporate Marketing, Vision Rx Lab, pioneer of international eyewear brand, Nova Eyewear said, “We at Nova Eyewear endeavour to offer advanced vision solutions to address the needs of modern day consumers without compromising on style and safety. This whole range has been thoughtfully designed and we believe this will be an effective solution for ensuring better vision and optimum protection in the current scenario.”

The brand’s commitment to eye health and safety is evident in this new Nova Safety collection, which combines safety attributes with its experience in vision correction and flawless aesthetics, making it a unique selection for their consumers.


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