ektho, India’s growing D2C brand witnessed more than 30% growth in business

ektho, one of India’s fastest-growing trendy D2C brands in India sells t-shirts exclusively for women. The Delhi-based startup has a range of t-shirts available and keeps up its brand’s promise of making high-quality ‘Desi’ t-shirts available at affordable prices. 

The brainchild of Ms. Tanvi Sinha, a NIFT alumnus, Ektho was launched in October 2020. During the pandemic, ektho with an eye on safety, convenience, and affordability, provided all the services through www.ektho.com on its D2C channel and has witnessed 30% growth in the last 3 months.

ektho is an endearingly Bihari way of saying ‘one’ and the brand is catering to one-of-a-kind Desi woman. It is a women’s clothing brand that believes in the concept of being ‘Dil se Desi’ and the range of the t-shirts start at a very affordable price. The brand empowers modern Indian women to be bold, brazen, and unapologetically Desi, drawing design inspiration from nostalgic Indian images, the kind you find at busy tea stalls, walls, graffiti arts, and regional posters. ektho embarked on a journey not just to build a Truly Made in India brand, but a brand that reimagines and channelizes the inherent ‘desiness’ of ektho’s customer.

Ms. Tanvi Sinha, Founder of ektho says, “I had been working for five and a half years in export houses as a womenswear knitwear designer which included working with international brands like Kohls, Tommy Jeans, and Calvin Klein. While creating designs for these other brands, I realized there was a need gap in the Indian knitwear industry for women. I decided to take the leap and used my years of training and experience to launch my label and create an exclusive t-shirt brand for women in India, a brand that would cater to their body types, tastes, and personalities. ektho was born to give Indian women a chance to express themselves in a way that is both comfortable and stylish.”

ektho was able to raise an undisclosed amount of initial funding which they have been utilising to strengthen its brand and product innovation.

ektho’s objective is to reach out to the maximum target audience directly to sell products. Further, they plan to use their resources to grow and sustain their online presence. 

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