Who is an eco entrepreneur?

Eco entrepreneur in the larger sense is a not a distinct field of business activity, rather it speaks of the ethical dimension of entrepreneurship. In other words, eco entrepreneur can mean any entrepreneur engaged in any type of business when he or she abides by environmental friendly business practices. An eco-entrepreneur is highly particular that his or her business activity causes the least possible harm to the environment.  In this regard, an eco-entrepreneur must be fully prepared to offset the pollution and harm caused by the business to the environment.

Some of the beneficial and appreciable practices that can be demonstrated by an eco-entrepreneur include deterring from the use of substances or methodologies that will harm or pollute the environment, safe disposal of wastes and used packing materials; strictly abiding by the rules and regulations proposed by the government in the interest of the environment from time to time; judicial, planned and minimal use of energy resources for the business activity; and being socially and environmentally conscious and responsible to see that a part of the income is spent on eco-friendly activities like planting trees and cleaning the environment, etc. When the business activity involves the use of natural resources, an eco-entrepreneur will ensure that he is not exploiting the nature and also resorts to the use of renewable natural resources wherever and however it is viable and possible.

Eco-entrepreneurship is not an invented quality for an entrepreneur. It must be inherent in every entrepreneur since the entrepreneur derives his sustenance and promotion of business from the environment and natural resources. Therefore, it is minimum expected that every entrepreneur discharges his or her responsibility to the environment to do his or her bit to safeguard it for the use of posterity.

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