DEUTER Unites Classical New Age and Subtle Electronics In New Reflective Album: KOMOREBI – Sunlight Through Trees

Renowned new age instrumentalist and composer Deuter (pronounced DOI-TUR) announces a new album titled Komorebi – Sunlight Through Trees, adding to his legacy as a pioneer of the New Age music movement. The album features seven original compositions of primarily classical new age instrumentals with electronic touches.

The pre-sale is on now, with the album’s sixth track, “Anemoi” (pronounced Anee-moi) live on Bandcamp, Amazon Music and iTunes, available for fans to experience Deuter’s latest creation. Komorebi – Sunlight Through Trees releases worldwide on May 17, 2024, joining Deuter’s impressive discography of over 60 albums.

Deuter’s music reflects his desire to bring more light to the world. In an exclusive interview with Nicole Grabke, he says, “…Light is, for me, a very positive, a very beautiful part of life… I tried to create a feeling of light with my music because where I grew up for a few years was Germany after the war in ruins, and a very dark and depressed feeling.”

Komorebi (pronounced KOMO-REBBY) is Japanese for “sunlight filtering through the foliage” and the album’s cover art features a painting Deuter made in his youth, looking ahead on a summer forest path. Hearing the album, listeners can expect a calming and richly detailed experience with its meditative style complemented by piano, strings and wind instruments. Komorebi has already been received well by music writers and critics alike. Music writer Robin James writes, “The entire listening experience is clarifying, refreshing and satisfying, like a walk in the woods.”

Deuter has been fascinated with the sounds of nature and musical instruments since his childhood in Germany. But it was after he suffered a near-fatal car crash, while working as a journalist, that he decided to pursue a music career. He traveled across Asia and studied Indian music for spiritual and creative inspiration. His first album, simply titled D combined acoustic and electronic elements with ethnic instrumentalization and nature sounds, marking his emergence as a pioneer in the New Age music movement.

Deuter’s career has spanned over 40 years and 60 albums, contributing greatly to the New Age genre. His 2015 album Illumination of the Heart was voted among the top finalists for Album of the Year and Best Meditation/Relaxation Album by broadcasters and industry experts at Zone Music Reporter , who also awarded him the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016, recognizing him for his musical contributions.

Komorebi – Sunlight Through Trees will be released through Colorado-based label Curve Blue, and distributed worldwide by A Train Entertainment. For more information, visit and

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