Interesting entrepreneurs

Leah Busque, the founder and CEO of TaskRabbit, Inc started this company in 2008 at Boston. Once when she moved for a dinner party with her husband, she realised they were out of food for their giant yellow lab, Kobe. Just at that moment she thought how nice it would be if they could have a bag of dog food delivered at their home. This experience triggered an unconventional business idea into her and she founded TaskRabbit. This company is a platform for delegating some tasks for helping friendly neighbours. The company has undergone a tremendous growth since its inception. Today, the firm functions from nine U.S. cities offering a comprehensive range of delivery and business services. The founder has been inspiring a great number of people with her business.

Leah Busque claims failure is awesome since it helps people learn something new. Failure is a testimony to prove you have done something and it gives people the right kind of tools to proceed forward. It is also useful to tell people how you failed and learnt something very useful. It lets people know you are striving hard to do better.

Every time when the founder of TaskRabbit came across an unusual requirement or situation, she could think of widening her business activities across newer possibilities. One such innovation by the founder was TaskRabbit for Business. The founder says this is the best of the products their firm ever released. This new platform is tailor-made for their business users attending to their various requirements. Entrepreneurs like Leah Busque are indeed highly interesting and inspiring.

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