For the coming three years, the Indian Group renews the agreement as Official Global Partner of the high-profile soccer championship enjoying popularity worldwide.

It’s not football. It’s LaLiga.” – The one where the world-leading clubs challenge each other, where the most talented footballers play – the stars admired by the all devoted fans dreaming of becoming the same. But it is also a source of super emotions, since LaLiga is the most followed championship in the world: competition with a global reach that stands for talent and prestige.

These are the reasons why BKT has decided without hesitation to continue the partnership with la Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LaLiga) as Official Global Partner till the end of season 2024/2025. An unbelievable alliance that takes BKT to all homes at every corner of the world along with the soccer spectacle.

The Indian multinational specialized in Off-Highway tires has been renowned for years in the international sports world as a sponsor of many championships in plenty of different sports. In addition to soccer, there is also basketball, cricket, and rugby – just because the company sees in sport an awesome tool with manifold potentials. Not only does sport support BKT in incrementing its brand awareness, but it also arouses emotions and positive values, mainly team and cooperative spirit, and inclusion. These are themes which BKT feels strongly about and which the company means to communicate, spread, and promote all over the world.

Yet, the alliance with the Spanish soccer is a pairing that revolves under the sign of extraordinary and passionate enthusiasm. Started in 2019, this partnership is based on shared values, where fair play is heard and felt both within and without the stadiums.

BKT and LaLiga are actually united by the will of spreading sports culture based on respect for people and opponents, on commitment and determination, on taking up challenges, on perseverance and consistency, and last but not least on team working.

Lucia Salmaso, CEO of BKT Europe, comments: “We are thrilled and proud of pursuing our journey alongside LaLiga. I like the idea that we are two important entities, each in its respective market, that are able to see beyond a simple marketing operation, rendering instead joint and mutual inspiration. The market now is the world. In order to act globally, a common language is needed to reach increasingly larger communities. That being said, what can be more viral than sport?”

Óscar Mayo, Chief Executive Officer of LaLiga, details: “The partnership between LaLiga and BKT over the past three years has allowed us to help them increase their global exposure through our fans and audience. We both strive for excellence in what we do, and this is certainly a relationship that we are delighted to renew for a new cycle.

This partnership is also a strategic choice for BKT, being Spain for the company a strategic market – a major market in Europe, especially in agriculture. BKT provides tires that suit for a variety of specialist fields, but it is due to the direct experience with users from the farming sector that BKT today is one of the most renowned brands. The partnership with la Liga de Fútbol Profesional hence cannot but be the most anticipated boost, also from a commercial viewpoint.

LaLiga conveys emotions not only in Spain but worldwide so that BKT can reach millions of enthusiats, being present with its products in over 160 countries.

“This cooperation gives us again the opportunity to strengthen both our presence and brand awareness in Spain, a country we consider strategic and highly important in terms of business.”, Lucia Salmaso concludes. Through sports, we can reach our users by means of a channel that makes hearts leap, because sport is a simple and direct language that everyone can understand – and it is hence universal.”

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