Arvog announces Investment Plans in Vyapaar Vistaar Tech Private Limited, a futuristic tech-based distribution start-up

Arvog Finance (Finkurve Financial Services Limited) is an advanced, rapidly-growing smart-tech-enabled diversified finance and venture growth investment company that has been recognized for lending simple yet relevant Finance and Leisure products and services. The brand’s approach is to provide a varied set of offerings through partnerships with well-known and significant industry players who share an alike vision. Arvog has been tactically making use of its venture arm for investments in the Indian start-up space, aiding and contributing towards the progression and evolving the start-up ecosystem. The company has recently announced its investment in Vyapaar Vistaar Tech Private Limited, a tech-based distribution start-up focused on supply chain innovation.

Conceptualized in 2020 by Satvik Kumat, Vyapaar Vistaar has been providing end-to-end solutions for the supply chain of the Indian retail industry, thus fostering sustainable business growth in the Indian FMCG segment. To tighten its market focus and venture growth plans, the brand has been setting up a Pan-India distribution network, enabling it to provide immediate retail market access to rural towns and villages to companies. The brand has been outperforming by integrating technology into the sales channel which is proven to be far more effective and efficient as compared to the conventional salesman model. The solution provided by Vyaapar Vistaar will enable brands to have greater control over the sales process and right market feedback, to plan and strategize for efficient resource utilization and to provide better service to retailers. The brand will be launching products under their own brands which will be traded through order booking solutions within their own distribution network and will monetize sales generated through order booking. 

The brand also offers a complete distribution solution which includes market development, sales team management, tele order booking, right market feedback, managing and setting up the distribution network, and a real-time market update alongside tech-based offerings like a complete retail market coverage and enhanced services to retailers to name a few. Through its offerings, Vyapaar Vistaar aims to create a seamless product flow from the brands to consumers, thus overcoming the limitations of traditional retail distribution. 

Arvog Finance aims to achieve its vision to shape a data-driven digital finance network that is robust, convenient, reliable, secure, and transparent. It is using its years of experience as an NBFC to drive penetration for financing aimed at serving the society at large. 

According to Priyank Kothari, Director, Arvog, says, “Through investing in Vyapaar Vistaar, Arvog Finance intends to double down on its core value proposition to its customers and partners in the ecosystem. The brand’s market revelation is aligned with our long-term vision of increasing the accessibility to technology by providing tech-enabled easy and cost-effective solutions to businesses. It is difficult for many companies to get their products available in a retail network, but Vyaapar Vistaar has been leveraging this huge retail network by introducing private label brands. The tele-order booking that has been started by Vyaapar Vistaar has proven to increase the partnered business’s sales for several companies by providing them with instant retail market access. Through this venture, Arvog Finance aims to surface into a strategic investor nurturing the brand towards materializing its industry growth plans”.

According to Satvik Kumat , Vyapaar Vistaar Tech Private Limited, says, “Vyapaar Vistaar has multiple revenue streams which helps the brand to capture the market way faster and opens various expansion opportunities. Our vision is to offer instant retail market access to every business in India and simplify the business processes that will help them grow. Arvog Finance’s scale and expertise will facilitate us achieve this goal faster in turn transforming the Indian business landscape.”

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