Apps to make your work life easier

In this day and age of app there are many which are user friendly and some which do not make more impacts than others when it comes to consumer’s life. Today we are going to talk about those that help you get it done faster.

Because tell you what, there are so many awesome options out there and you deserve to know about them. So, here are a few options that’ll make your life easier.

Sales Compensation software – Kennect provides a ready to use incentive platform which not only automates the calculation of incentives but also provides field force with tools to track their performance through the incentive lense. Kennect is among one of the startup’s program by Upekkha, Value SaaS. Organizations use Kennect’s platform for sales compensation automation which helps bring transparency and operational efficiency. Kennect’s incentive solution helps you save time and money and provide tools to sales managers to keep track of their earnings

Invoice Manager- Gimbooks give you simple, quick, and convenient invoicing & accounting on the go. Create professional and elegant looking Invoices, Quotations, and Purchase Orders. Manage your Inventory, Expenses and Ledgers. Send Payments reminders to your customers for recovering your payments sooner & much more in seconds.

Market intelligence platform Clootrack helps brands identify what their customers want from conversations online and within enterprises. Clootrack is the first of its kind platform, that discovers and measures brand perception metrics that matter. Clootrack does this with proprietary deep learning & AI algorithms based on proven mathematical models. Clootrack team consists of data scientists, programmers, and industry experts excited about the immense capabilities of data and its impact on driving growth.

Accounts Payable Automation software Finly ensures CFOs & Finance Teams gain complete control & visibility over payables. All of this while increasing the Finance Teams’ productivity by over 80% by automating manual & repetitive operations and by simplifying remote collaboration within Finance Teams, through a powerful Finance Communication Framework. Streamline invoice approvals, automate reminders, auto-update GLs on Accounting Systems, ensure audit compliance & governance with a system designed & built for Finance Teams.

Learning management system- Nittio learn– Create, deliver and manage large varieties and volumes of training for frontline sales, technical, operations, and logistics workforce.

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