91springboard collaborates with EU-India InnoCenter to create a startup ecosystem

~ This initiative will provide a gateway for European Startups in the Indian Market

91springboard along with the EU-India Innovation Center now launches a special programme that enables entrance of European startups in the Indian economy. The project will select and prepare European startups to collaborate with Indian companies, stimulating bilateral cooperation between India and Europe. This will enable European startups to launch and expand their businesses in India, supporting them with their market entry strategies and creating a solid local network to scale.

The project’s coordinator Indre Kulikauskaite, from Civitta, declares that the initial target is to add 70 of the main ecosystem players from both regions to their network and offer internationalisation training for around 500 mature European startups.

With the ambition of exchanging knowledge and exploring collaborations among each other, ecosystem builders, corporates, and public entities will form a team of ambassadors with access to a leading Euro-Indian community of innovators. Interested companies can register at: www.euindiainnocenter.eu

 Juliane Frömmter, from German Entrepreneurship GmbH emphasized the importance of the exchange of knowledge and technologies between European and Indian innovators and added: “We bring together the top specialists in internationalisation, and the best local partners in each business sector, to offer European entrepreneurs a complete package guaranteeing a successful entry into the Indian market”.

Jay Krishnan from Mantra Foundation said: “India is slated to be the  fastest economy in 2021 and thus provides an exciting opportunity for European innovations to find new markets. European innovations looking to play out the adage of ‘Think global, act local’ couldn’t have found a better marriage than being discovered on this platform as the startups look at a buzzing India. As the global economy expands, the EU- India Innocenter will be a tremendous platform for European innovations in creating an India- beachhead with a plethora of offerings ranging from internalisation, market immersion to scaling”.

 Sudheer K. V. from 91springboard added: “Our country is a rising star, being one of the largest startup ecosystems in the world. This project brings together specialists in internationalisation and innovation for win-win partnerships and we are prepared to offer all the support needed in more than 20 locations in India”.

 Prateek Jain from 91springboard said: “The EU-India InnoCenter platform will bring in 2 economies together to flourish the Startup Ecosystem Globally & this is the right time for the European Startups to explore Indian Market as the economy is growing at a very fast pace. We look forward to supporting in all possible ways from the beginning till the end and also in the future by creating the EU-India InnoCenter entity in India.”

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