5 Must Have Antiques for the Collector in You

There is a popular belief that art is the motivation, inspiration and creation of creative minds & beliefs. Those who love art, like to enhance their collection of unique, beautiful and stunning items. If you are bundled with love and passion for art, a passionate collector and enjoy collecting antiques, you are at the right spot.

The Art of Antiquing

It is exhilarating and exciting to search, shop, identify, negotiate and bargain for antiques. Over the years, antiquing has become popular as more people acquire it for gifts, personal use and even for commercial purposes. The most popular collectables can change with the seasons, but some items will always remain unique and worth storing with care. Top collectables are timeless and increased in value and will continue to do so. So, if you are a collector and love to shop for desirable and collectable antiques, here is a list of 5 must have antiques:

1.      Antique Furniture

Any time you stumble across antique designs of chairs, table, bed or any other furniture item; it attracts you. While some of you might find these collectables worthless, the trained eye or those who know the value of art would know their worth. Antique furniture is often very well made and well functional, which makes it a must have for those who love collecting antiques.

2.      Dishes

Chances are many of you have at least 1 antique crockery item stacked in a cabinet. Perhaps all of us love shopping for these collectables. Whether they’re displayed in a bookcase, on a table, on a corner table of your living room or on a wall, the glint of the polish and the artistic design creates an interesting play with light in a room. The best thing about this category of collectible antiques is that they are a beautiful and inexpensive decoration.

3.      Coins and Currency

Top collectable coins and currency are valuable and worth the price. Though it is rare, we might come across expensive coins and currency out of the blue. So, if that happens or you collect those unusual and rare items purposely, make sure you take good care of them.

4.      Rugs

While buying antique rugs, make sure that you spend the most you can afford otherwise you might end up with a glorified bath mat. There are rugs that have been traipsed on for over 100 years and still look good and attractive. Your trained eye knows how to spot a beauty.

5.      Antique Books

Antique books are one of the most inexpensive yet wonderful ways to decorate. Neither they have to be pretty nor too old, they just need to be placed well. Placement is the key here! On shelves, mixed in with art and collectables or your favourite photos; a couple of books under a small ornament; and a section of vertically stacked books give the eye a place to rest.

Reviving Art

Speaking about the beauty of art, Mr. Punit.V.Sood: Co-Founder & Director, Karabi Art Comunity, said, “Art has to be contributing, simple, and making a difference towards lives, spaces, and environment. At Karabi Art, we are building a network that connects the amateur with the professional, emerging with the established and the new with the old. We aim to become the key source of art curation, creation, sourcing & commissioning and revive dying art forms in addition to bringing attention to various cultures.”

So whether you are a new collector or just seeking to add to your already existing collection, make sure you have these must haves with you.

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