How To Reduce Carbon Footprint At Work

How To Reduce Carbon Footprint At Work

Taking the right steps to reduce the carbon footprint of your workplace can not only help you save money, but it can also help you resort to greener work ethics. Switching to green practices in running your business and maintaining your workplace can make you’re a socially responsible company and an eco-friendlier enterprise. Here are a few ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

How To Reduce Carbon Footprint At Work

Go for LED lighting

LED lights are today the most efficient lighting solutions. They are found to use about 15 times lesser energy to glow when compared to the conventional bulbs.

Make your office a paperless one

The advancements in digital technology have made it possible to move to an environmentally friendly working environment. This will obliterate the bulk of paper that is often thought of as necessary to run the business.

Encourage your staff to use cycles to come to work

Educate your workforce on the importance of cycling as a means to good health and also reducing carbon footprint. When they use cycles for reaching the office, they also get to lower their spending on fuels. This would be a big impetus to reducing carbon footprint.

Switch off the appliances when not in use

Create a culture in the workplace where all the staffs are educated to switch off the appliances when they are not in use and when the staff leaves the work in the evenings.

Enable the power saving mode in appliances

Some appliances like monitors and photocopiers use power intermittently. When you enable the power saving mode, you make them drain lesser energy. This can help reduce your carbon footprint besides saving money on power bills.

Unplug the phone chargers

Remove the phone chargers from the power sockets when they are not used for charging. This can help save a significant amount of energy when they are not in use.

Replace desktop computers with laptops

Laptops are found to consume 80 lesser energy than the desktops. Reduce the energy consumption of your office by moving to laptops in place of desktops.

Recycle the waste

Every business generates waste. It is important for your business to cultivate the practice of recycling as much waste as possible. Place a line of recyclable bins in the workplace mentioning the specific kinds of waste that must be dumped in them. Put posters educating what wastes will go where. Once they are collected, arrange to recycle the wastes which can be a definite step towards going greener.

Use your recycled products once again

Once you have implemented a recycling system in your office, you will get a lot of recyclable materials including printer cartridges, paper, plastic materials, and others. Make it a point to use all your recyclable materials like new products to contribute to a greener earth.

Introduce staff gardening

These days, staff gardens are becoming popular. They provide a space to relax and rest. They can also have huge environmental benefits. Growing produce in this way can also help improve the quality of air around your office.

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